What is EUMIC?

EUMIC is a cross border project which aims to improve quality and efficacy of interclinical transport of ICU patients in the Euregion Meuse Rhine. It is a partial project of EMRIC+ which is a broad international project on crossborder disaster- and crisismanagement. Currently well defined, evidence based quality measurement tools concerning inter hospital transport of critically ill patients are lacking.

Therefore, the project group stated:
“There is an evident need for scientific research. Data on stratification of patients who will benefit from transportation and the development of a system that enables evaluation of the quality of transportation seem most urgent.”
For this reason, the project group initiated the EUMIC study (Quit EMR trial), Nederlands Trial Register (NTR) 4937.

Uli Strauch, MD (coordinating investigator)

Anesthesiologist Intensivist, Medical Coordinator Mobile Intensive Care Unit Maastricht (NL),
Maastricht University Medical Centre +

Dr. S Beckers, MD, PhD, MME

Chief Medical Director,
Emergency Medical Service Aachen, Germany

Dr. J Habers, MD

Medical director Emergency Medical Service, District of Aachen (D)

Dr. Jochen Jansen, MD

Medical director Emergency Medical Service at GGD South Limburg (NL)

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